• Lecia Willingham

Why talk about Life Skills?

I keep hearing about the lack of Life Skills of the teens and young adults. Being a life-time student, putting off getting married or having children, living at home with your parents beyond the age of 20, basic manners at a minimum, minimal cooking or cleaning skills, money skills running a-muck, and the list goes on.

Then there's the parents: helicoper parenting, everybody gets a trophy, calling the school if they don't make the team or play, minimal to no chores or making up the bed, allowances for nothing, trips beyond a kids imaginiation, and the list goes on.

There's blame all around but in reality some parents are getting it dead-on right.

I see and hear those kids and young adults who say 'thank you', 'yes, sir', who open the doors for ladies and elderly, who show kindness and at my house are respectuful and helpful, so I want to say 'way to go' to those parents who have stayed strong and pushed through the noise of doing it all for them. In the end, we want a better life for our kids than we had, but how we get there is a tough one, especially because these days are so different from how we grew up.

Probably because I'm parenting and hoping I'm doing the right thing by my girl and the fact that I was / am a late bloomer, strugging myself, to get it right in adulthood, Life Skills are on my mind a lot.

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