Who needs Life Skills anyway?

Believe it or not, everybody.

So listen up and learn a little something to make your life easier and ultimately be more attractive to friends, family, and employers.  

Dollar Bill in Jar

Money, honey, it is important.

Woman with Watch

Time is valuable, use it wisely.

Smiling Student

Be aware; not


Staying Safe
Reach the Top

Set it, work it,

achieve it.

Goal Setting
Meat Burger and Chips

Good cooking attracts everyone.

Well Organized Closet

No one really lkes a hot-mess.

Urban Chic

Clothes say more than you know.

Clothes Style
Man with Denim Shirt

Ask for what you want openly and kinldy.

Wedding Family Photos

Your key to joy, so work on at it.

Students on a Break

Yes, make friends and influence people

Gals & Pals
Boy Throwing Basketball

Importance of hanging in there.

Grit & Hanging
Cool Van

Driving and Auto Maintenance 

Car Stuff