Money & Budgeting                          Cooking                                              Clothes Sense/Dressing                  Personal Grooming/Makeup          Personal Healthcare/First Aid        Staying Safe                                     

Problem Solving                                Goal Setting

Time Management

Organizational Skills

Domestic Management/Home

Driving & Maintenance

Navigation Skills

Communication/Behavioral Skills

Coping with Emotions

Grit and Hanging In

Relationship Skills

Decision Making

I was not prepared to manage my time, relationships, or academics

during junior high, high school, much less college.

And I was too embarrassed to admit it.

Lots of mistakes, failures, and shame later,

I finally figured a few things out through the

school of hard knocks.


I am now happily married, with a

beautiful daughter and a rewarding career. 

This is the high-level story with lots of ugly 

to get to this point, so I'm compelled

to share and coach you through

what may seem like not-important stuff, but will make

a world of difference if you are ready

or may be not ready but need to listen and learn.

So, join our community to learn something,

take a risk or try something new.   

I know you have the answers within you.

Live by your values, surround yourself with people you admire

and want to be like on your way to becoming an adult.